Biofilm Engineering Laboratory


New ERC funded research project commences on membrane biofouling

September 1, 2011

Eoin Casey has been awarded a Starting Grant of €1.5m from the European Research Council (ERC), funded under the EU Framework Programme 7, to undertake research into emerging technologies for improving drinking water quality.This five-year programme will investigate the role of biofilms in the fouling of nanofiltration membranes and develop strategies to enhance their removal. The results of the project will advance the understanding of important mechanisms in biofouling development and consequently increase the effectiveness and reliability of nanofiltration design and operation. Ultimately this will have wider implications for the effective treatment of water treatment processes and biofouling control in general.Previous work on nanofiltration biofouling has highlighted the complexity of the microenvironment in which the biofilm is formed. The challenge of this project is to devise an approach that recognises that multiple overlapping mechanisms contribute to biofilm formation. More details here